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We're proud to support those who build America.

Watch how the NEW Stackable Mechanics Tool Sets help Glenn build his America.

Video Glen used his DEWALT mechanic tools to help a disabled veteran friend ride a motorcycle again, building it from the ground up with DEWALT automotive tools. Watch their story.

[ I love the challenge of trying to do something that somebody can’t do or said can’t be done. ]

Name [ Glenn ]
Location [ Colchester, CT ]
Experience [ 15 Years ]

With over 15 years experience customizing motorcycles, Glenn takes great pride in creating one of a kind pieces. His passion for perfection and attention to detail allowed him to find the right solutions to tackle his most challenging project: helping a disabled veteran ride his motorcycle again.

[ The quality of the tool speaks volumes. I am a huge fan of the ratchets. ]

DEWALT Stackable Mechanics Tool Sets are designed with portability in mind. This series of small sets are designed to be a grab and go solution allowing you to take only the tools you need with you.

Video DEWALT Stackable Mechanics Tool Sets
Professional mechanic tool set
DEWALT Stackable Mechanics Tool Sets

[ The ability to take, click and organize them is pretty nice. ]

Stack and connect them for easy portability or store the removable inner tray in your DEWALT tool chest for maximum organization.

Sets in the line include a 3/8″ socket set, wrench sets and accessories sets to name a few.

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[ Having a tool that will stand up to the abuse I put it through is worth its weight in gold. ]

Our line of Air Tools has been engineered to meet the high-end professional performance specs demanded by hard working industrial and automotive tradesmen. Metal Storage products are designed to be durable and tough making them the ideal solution for all your tool storage needs.

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