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We're proud to support those who build America.

Watch how the NEW Small Angle Grinder helps John build his America.

Video Jim counts on the DEWALT small angle grinder to get his work done. Discover his American story--and why he thinks the DEWALT small paddle grinder is the best angle grinder for the job.
Compact Small Angle Grinder

[ I believe this grinder performs better than any other grinder I have ever used. ]

Name [ John ]
Location [ New Orleans, LA ]
Experience [ 11 Years ]

Working to protect the city and people of New Orleans from future floods, John takes pride in knowing the work he does makes a difference in the lives of all that call New Orleans home.

[ This grinder seems a lot more powerful & stays cooler in your hands. ]

One of the most durable small angle grinders DEWALT has ever produced.

Dust Ejection

The patented Dust Ejection System™ filters debris that would otherwise abrade the motor, allowing the cleaner air to pass across the motor and, on average, doubling the life of the motor.

An image of the motor inside a DEWALT small angle grinder. Extra copper in DEWALT’s small angle grinder means increased power while you work.
Increased Power

The NEXT GENERATION Motor has 40% More Copper than previous motors giving the grinder more power than ever before.

Improved Ergonomics

DEWALT's Advanced Airflow management system channels cool air into the tool cooling the motor and internal components – reducing temperatures by 30% compared to the D28402. The DWE402 also has the smallest gripping circumference in its class.

Video Video on The DWE402 which Runs Cooler and Longer than previous DEWALT Small Angle Grinders.

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