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Watch how the NEW 20V MAX* Cordless Miter Saw helps Gary build his America.

20V MAX Cordless Miter Saw

[ I love the challenge of doing
something difficult. ]

Name [ Gary ]
Location [ Fayetteville, AR ]
Experience [ 43 Years ]

As a builder, carpenter and teacher, Gary started in woodworking in his teens, working with his dad. He loves the challenge of doing difficult projects. He has a passion for quality and creating beautiful work.

[ It performs almost exactly like the corded model. It's got great runtime. ]

As a skilled woodworker, Gary depends on quality tools that provide him accuracy and precision on the job.

275 Cuts per charge**

With the DCB204 4.0Ah battery, the DCS361 Cordless Miter Saw can make 183 Cuts of 2x4 pine or 275 cuts of 3 1/4 pine base molding, on average. With cordless performance like this, who needs a cord.

Ease of Use with XPS Light

The XPS light casts a shadow exposing the "cut line" for the user, allowing for a precise cut to be made. Get the accuracy you demand with this feature.

Lightweight & easy to carry

This miter saw weighs under 32lbs and allows you to carry it easily using 2 metal handles. Easy transport from jobsite to jobsite.

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